What is Crystal Yoga?

Crystal Yoga is a unique experience of gentle Hatha Yoga combined with the healing energy of crystals!

We practice gentle Hatha Yoga in an environment that has been cleansed and charged with the healing energy of crystals!

If you’re looking for effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety, increase relaxation and improve your mood then this class is for you.

Hatha yoga is perfect for beginners, we’ll practice some gentle and effective postures and breathing techniques, designed to aid your body’s naturally ability to relax, restore and heal.

Yoga can:

– Improve your physical & emotional health

– Relieve stress & anxiety

– Help your body’s natural healing processes

– Promote your vital energy (chi) flow

– Relax and restore your mind, body and soul

What about crystals…? 

Practicing Yoga in an environment that has been cleansed and charged with the healing energy of crystals has many benefits including: 

– Amplifying the healing effects of your yoga practice

– Accelerating the manifestation of your intentions

– Providing a higher vibration space to accelerate healing whilst enjoying the full benefits of yoga in mind, body and soul.

These classes will be focused on healing different aspects of the mind, body and soul each week.

Every week we will focus on a different intention, practicing the corresponding yoga postures, breathing techniques and specifically chosen crystals appropriate for each class.

Here’s an example of a typical 6 week course…

Week 1 – Tranquility & Deep Relaxation

Great for better quality sleep, a calmer mind and inner peace.

Week 2 – Clearing & Cleansing

Great for clearing stagnant energy, detoxifying the body, and letting go of anything that no longer serves.

Week 3 – Love & Heart Healing

Great for healing heartache or grief, increasing compassion and aiding forgiveness and relaxing your “flight / fight” response.

Week 4 – Intuition & Connection

Great for developing your intuition, trusting your inner guidance, and alleviating stress, anxiety and negative thought patterns.

Week 5 – Happiness & Abundance

Great for increasing your confidence, joy and happiness and elevating your “feel good” hormones.

Week 6 – Clarity & Focus

Great for improving your concentration, balancing your energy levels and boosting your manifestation abilities.

Emma has been practicing Yoga for over 20 years and has been teaching for just over 3 years. She runs her alternative therapies company Vitalize in Chester, and also practices as a certified Wellness Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Raw Food Nutritionist, Card Reader and Crystal Healer.

Please note: Due to current situation all yoga classes are postponed until further notice. 

Crystals are still available to purchase in our shop.