Eclipse & New Moon in Sagittarius – 4th December 2021

The New Moon in Sagittarius tonight is also boosted by another eclipse (as well as the solar eclipse energy that is still current from yesterday) so this means the energy is supercharged and perfect for manifestation work. So set your New Moon intentions with clarity, choose your words carefully as you wrote down exactly what you intent to manifest.

Key Themes for the New Moon in Sagittarius:

  • Fun
  • Adventure
  • Travel
  • Study
  • Meaning
  • Philosophy


Quick & Simple New Moon Ritual:

  • Clear your energy field and your environment (using whatever cleansing tool you have at hand) we stock good quality sage - click here
  • Ground and centre yourself (crystals work well for this)
  • Get really clear on what you want to manifest
  • Write it down
  • Take that piece of paper or your journal and place by a window where the New Moon energy can work it’s magic
  • To give this an extra boost place a crystal of your choice onto the piece of paper/journal page as well


Crystals, crystals, crystals!!!

If you’re not harnessing your moon work with crystals yet, then this is the time to start! Here are our crystal recommendations for this Scorpio New Moon, click here for the link to our online shop for a selection of crystals and cleansing tools.

  • Clear quartz
  • Carnelian
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Turquoise
  • Labradorite

There’s lots of exciting things going on behind the scenes here as we prepare all of the new 2022 goodies in the shop (including more courses and online offerings) and we’ve also just had a load of new crystals in, so keep your eyes out… lots more coming very soon!

New Moon Blessings to you all!


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