Full Moon in Aries – 20th October 2021

This afternoon we moved into the Full Moon in Aries. This marks the start of the 12 month lunar cycle, and being a full moon (a time to clear out, release and let go) the perfect time to release anything from the past 12 months and mark the start of this lunar cycle with a clean slate. 

You can do your Full Moon rituals anytime up until Sunday 24th, just after 6pm UK time.  

This Full Moon in Aries gives us the opportunity to release and forgive everything and everyone we need to (including ourselves) as we reflect back over the past 12 months. Use this moon to create the space you need for your future.

Main Themes of Aries:

  • Courage
  • Action
  • New starts
  • Affirmations
  • Competition
  • Purpose

So setting intentions around any of these topics are likely to be energetically supported if you can clear the room in your life for the new things to come.

Easy Full Moon Ritual

1. Prepare your environment and ensure it is as relaxing as it can be, include crystals, candles, incense, oils, crystals, fresh flowers and plants, blankets and cushions, pets(!) – whatever makes you feel relaxed, cosy and comfortable. 

2. Cleanse your own energy and environment using your cleansing tool of choice (more information coming soon on cleansing tools and techniques) in the interim see links for our recommended Cleansing Basics Kit and our Deluxe Cleansing Kit.

3. Get comfortable and settle down with your journal, and note down some answers to the following:

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Where can I show more bravery?
  • Have I been selfish, if so what can I do to change this?
  • How can I have more fun?
  • Do I need to be more considerate?
  • What needs to change in my day to day routine?
  • Where I can alter my actions to get back on track with my goals?

Crystals for this Full Moon… Our recommendations would be one (or all!) of the following:

  • Citrine
  • Moonstone
  • Moldavite
  • Clear Quartz
  • Selenite
  • Jasper

You have plenty of time to find the right crystals, we have a small selection of some of the above in our online shop – click here!

Full Moon blessings to you all!


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