New Moon in Cancer 2021

We have a New Moon in Cancer this weekend so if you’re drawn to work with the lunar cycles here are some tips!

Make sure any work you do is after the Moon moves into this phase, which in the UK is 02.18 this Saturday (10th July 2021). It doesn’t mean you have to get up in the middle of the night to do your intention setting or rituals (although you can do if you want!) but if like me, you like undisturbed sleep then you can do your intention setting rituals any time up until Tuesday evening (around 9.30pm).

So whether you’re planning on just setting some New Moon intentions, or going in with a full ritual, here are a few things to know about this particular lunar energy. 

A Cancer New Moon is all about conception and birth, not literally (although maybe…) this could be about anything, new projects, new relationships, new habits, new jobs etc…

Your intuition will be heightened, and with Cancer being a Water sign, it is all about the feels! If you’ve been suppressing any emotions, expect them to come up during this cycle. This Moon will illuminate anything that’s hidden, so secrets will be revealed. I read somewhere this is the Moon’s favourite New Moon : ) – Cancer being ruled by the Moon of course!

How is the best way to work with this energy I hear you ask…? 

So, this is easier for some than others, but can you feel and sit with your emotions? Honour how you’re feeling? Pay attention to what these feelings are telling you, and then act accordingly? 

Now it goes without saying, not all feelings should be acted upon (a disproportionate percentage of serial killers are Cancer signs apparently – apologies Cancer friends lol!) but assuming we’re not talking anything illegal or immoral… then this is what this New Moon is inviting you to do… feel all the feels, acknowledge them and act on them!

The Cancer New Moon will also shine a light on home, family, your comfort zone, safety, and nurturing. 

So have a ponder about these areas of life, your feelings, what your intuition is telling you right now, and set your New Moon intentions in line with this.

At this mid year point, it’s also a great time to review the goals you set at the start of the year, re-adjust where needed, and get back on course with Cancer’s tenacious energy behind you!

Obviously you’ll want to include your crystals in your rituals and intention setting this weekend, so here are our recommendations for this Moon!

– Moonstone (of course!) –  to connect with the moon’s intuitive, feminine energy and to help stabilise emotions.

– Carnelian – for courage and confidence in taking the right action during these emotive times.

– Blue Calcite – to banish negativity, induce relaxation and encourage clear, honest and kind communication.

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New Moon Blessings to you all!



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