New Moon in Libra – 6th October 2021

We just moved into the New Moon in Libra today (12:06 UK time) and stay here until early evening Saturday, so plenty of time to do your moon work! However, we do have a few Void of Course (VoC) transits in between now and then (VoC really should be avoided when setting your New Moon Intentions). Coupled with the intensity of the many planets currently in retrograde! The big social media outage yesterday was typically Mercury’s handiwork as I’m sure a lot of you were expecting. When we look at all the astrological elements at play at the moment it starts to get a little more complicated…

If you want to learn more about how to work effectively and safely with moon energy then be sure to check out our course  The Energy Formula where we go into a bit more detail about effective manifestation techniques, what to avoid (like VoC transits) and lunar cycle planning (without you feeling like you’ve started a degree in astrology!)

For now, let’s keep things simple and see what we need to look at during this Libra New Moon!

Libra energy is all about relationships (romantic and otherwise), harmony, balance and beauty, and is ruled by the planet of Love, Venus. This is the time of year to review how you are relating to others, and seeing if you’re in balance when it comes to giving and receiving in your relationships.

Key Themes for the New Moon in Libra:

  • Relationships and partnerships
  • Love
  • Communication within relationships
  • Balance
  • Self-care & self-love
  • Negotiation & compromise

A Libra New Moon Ritual for beginners:

Some basic new moon ritual preparations, if you can, do clear out any clutter, tidy and clean your environment. Before settling down to set your intentions, make sure your environment is as relaxing as it can be, include candles, incense, oils, crystals, fresh flowers and plants, blankets and cushions, pets(!) – whatever makes you feel relaxed, cosy and comfortable.

If you already do energy work, and have the tools and knowledge, then cleanse your energy body and the environment before starting this ritual. If you’re new to energy clearing, don’t worry, just focus on making your physical environment clear and comfortable, and we’ll be sharing more on energy cleansing soon!

So settle down, get comfy, get your journal out and start thinking what you want to manifest for this lunar cycle, and takes some time to meditate on these intentions as well, if it helps to get things started here are some things to ponder and ask yourself for this New Moon in Libra…

Questions to ask yourself for this New Moon:

  1. Am I happy with my relationships / partnerships?
  2. How well are we able to relate to each other?
  3. Where can we bring more harmony and agreeableness into our relationship?
  4. Can I assert healthy boundaries in my relationships whilst considering the other persons needs too?
  5. Are the giving and receiving elements of my relationships in balance?
  6. Does my life reflect a good balance between head, heart and soul?

Crystals, crystals, crystals!!!

If you’re not harnessing your moon work with crystals yet, then this is the time to start! Here are our crystal recommendations for this Libra New Moon, click here for the link to our online shop for a selection of crystals and cleansing tools.

  • Tiger’s Eye – for confidence
  • Carnelian – for courage
  • Blue Kyanite – for communication, balance, cord cutting / protection (in relationships that are beyond repair)
  • Rose Quartz or Mangano Calcite – for love
  • Pyrite – for strength

There’s lots of exciting things going on behind the scenes here as we prepare all the of the new 2022 goodies in the shop (including more courses and online offerings) and we’ve also just had a load of new crystals in, so keep your eyes out… lots more coming very soon!

I hate to mention the ‘C’ word at this point in the year, but if you are thinking about festivities or gifts we’ve already taken a few gift box pre-orders (I have very mixed feelings about this – will remind you all in December haha!)

New Moon Blessings to you all!


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