Apache Tears Crystal


Cleansing | Protection | Forgiveness

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Apache Tears is a form of Black Obsidian, but is a lot more gently in its vibration, bringing negativity to the surface in a slow and manageable way.

An excellent stone to work with to bring comfort in a time of grieving, bringing insight to the source of emotional distress.

Apache Tears stimulates analytical abilities and helps ground emotions to aid forgiveness and long-held grievances.

It’s excellent at absorbing negative energy and remove self-limiting beliefs.

Apache Tears are powerful for psychic protection, helping you recognize the approach of danger, and protecting the aura.

Physically Apache Tears are great for the blood and the immune system, the muscular system and increasing overall vitality, helping the body rid itself of toxins.

Also helps the body to assimilate Vitamin C and D.


*Contains toxic elements, do not ingest, do not use for elixirs directly, wash hands after handling etc…

Please use common sense before working with any crystals that may contain toxic elements, or consult a Crystal Therapist and do your own research if unsure!

Please refer to our list of toxic crystals (which we’re continually updating)  this is by no means an exhaustive list. Some crystals are more toxic than others and should handled with care, some shouldn’t be handled at all! Feel free to contact us with any queries.


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