Apatite Crystal

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Confusion | Frustration | Peace

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Blue Apatite heals the emotional body and heals the heart. Because it opens the throat chakra it’s great for enhancing communication, especially in groups and public speaking.

Good for manifestation and planning your next steps for the future. It will strengthen psychic abilities, intuition, will attract guides and entities for higher consciousness work, great for meditation and will also assist with lucid dreaming.

Physically its good for cell renewal, joint problems, arthritis, calcium absorption and it suppresses hunger, among many other things.


Country of origin: Madagascar



*Contains toxic elements, do not ingest, do not use for elixirs directly, wash hands after handling etc…

Please use common sense before working with any crystals that may contain toxic elements, or consult a Crystal Therapist and do your own research if unsure!

Please refer to our list of toxic crystals (which we’re continually updating)  this is by no means an exhaustive list. Some crystals are more toxic than others and should handled with care, some shouldn’t be handled at all! Feel free to contact us with any queries.

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2 reviews for Apatite Crystal

  1. Jessica Stevens

    Love this apatite crystal. I have never come across a peice before untill purchasing it from Vitalise, would highly recommend, comfortable size to carry about, nice energy! Came all cleansed and packaged beautifully!

  2. Sarah C

    Such a beautiful crystal. I definitely feel like it’s bringing me some peace!

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