Blue Kyanite Crystal

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Protection | Cord Cutting | Expressive Communication

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Blue Kyanite is one of the few crystals that doesn’t require any cleansing as it won’t hold onto any low or negative vibes, and therefore great clearing the aura of any attachments or cords.

It’s highly protective properties means it won’t allow you to pick up any negativity, depression, anger, or lower vibes from others you come into contact with. When worn for a few weeks it will sever any “baggage” you’ve been carrying around, clearing your entire energy system completely. This is a strong energy stone and may not suit everyone, and may aggravate certain personality types, please contact us if unsure or strange side affects after use!

Good for dream recall and strengthening intuition, and facilitating meditation. Connects the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra.

It will bring you to place of inspiration, motivation and energy. It’s associated with the throat chakra so great for communication around logical thought, and speaking with honesty and integrity.




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1 review for Blue Kyanite Crystal

  1. Sarah C

    Such a gorgeous colour and I already feel like it’s helped open my throat chakra.

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