Citrine Crystal


Happiness | Confidence | Abundance

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Citrine will boost joy, optimism and motivation. It’s an incredibly empowering stone, elevating self-confidence and helping you achieve your goals.

It is one of the only stones that can’t hold negative energy and so never needs cleansing, and transmutes any negative or low vibrational energy into light positive energy.

Citrine has an uplifting sunshine energy, that boosts manifestation & abundance, bringing success in all endeavours, especially business and financial (keep Citrine in your purse for 40 days, and its high vibrations are said to open up financial opportunities for you).

The perfect tool cleanse and rejuvenate your spirit, so extremely useful if you’re exposed to toxic people or toxic environments.


Country of origin: Brazil


Do not place in direct sunlight for prolonged periods as the colour will fade.


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