Mahogany Obsidian Crystal


Grounding | Strength | Progress

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Mahogany Obsidian helps guide us to what we should be prioritising to make spiritual progress, while aiding with self-acceptance and self confidence.

It can be used to remove energy cords between people that sap energy and violate boundaries.

It will strengthen the aura, protecting against repeated problems.

It provides both grounding and protection. Mahogany Obsidian encourages strength in time of need. It eliminates energetic blockages, relieves tension and helps to stimulate growth on all levels.

It aids in the decision making process, and allows us to make significant changes in the most challenging areas of our lives.

Physically it helps detoxifying organs and tissues, increasing liver and kidney function and relieving pain.



*Contains toxic elements, do not ingest, do not use for elixirs directly, wash hands after handling etc…

Please use common sense before working with any crystals that may contain toxic elements, or consult a Crystal Therapist and do your own research if unsure!

Please refer to our list of toxic crystals (which we’re continually updating)  this is by no means an exhaustive list. Some crystals are more toxic than others and should handled with care, some shouldn’t be handled at all! Feel free to contact us with any queries.