Mangano Calcite Crystal

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Happiness | Self Love | Rejuvenation

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Mangano Calcite will help open your heart chakra up to feelings of self-love, forgiveness and compassion.

An incredibly healing stone that will work with your emotions to guide you toward acceptance and understanding.  

Mangano Calcite will help to alleviate stress and anxiety, so that you can focus on inviting positive energy back into your spirit.

It will break through any energy blocks left behind from past pain, and invite in a more positive perspective in the present. The freedom from the grasp of your past allows you to consider new paths to happiness. This helps you to stop trying to force something to work, and give in the flow of where life wants to take you.


Country of origin: Peru

2 reviews for Mangano Calcite Crystal

  1. Sarah C

    Thank you for this recommendation, it’s a really nice alternative to the traditional rose quartz.

  2. John H

    really happy to find Mangano Celcite, been looking for a while and they are hard to find from ethical retailers that are in the UK

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