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A collection of our favourite things. A combination of cleansing tools, incense, herbs and potions to raise your vibration, and of course… crystals!

1 x Abalone Shell

1 x Sage Stick

1 x Peacock Feather

1 x Kyphi Hand Blended Natural Incense

First recorded in the Ebers Papyrus in 1552 BC, in ancient Egypt, Kyphi incense was burnt for ritual, healing and for domestic purposes. Traditionally, it was burnt at night time to suffuse the home with its soothing scent. Kyphi also lends itself exceedingly well to all kinds of temple and ritual work and makes a perfect offering to the Deities of the night and may help those seeking prophetic dreams.
Magical Collections
Neptune ~ Subtle energies, visualisation, divination, dream work, unconditional/spiritual love, compassion, crystal work.
Earth ~ Practicality, five senses, material world, sensuality, manifestation, prosperity, grounding.

1 x Palo Santo Sacred Herb

1 x Incense Burner

1 x Pack of Charcoal Discs

1 x Citrine Cluster

1 x Aragonite Sputnik

1 x Lepidolite

1 x Desert Rose

1 x Large Magnetic Storage Box


All items are natural and therefore may vary slightly from the pictures depending on availability.

All items are ethically sourced and highest quality for energy work.

Please refer to our numerous guides for further details on how to use everything in your new kit!


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