Petrified Wood (Fossil Wood) Crystal

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Grounding | Calm | Security

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Petrified Wood is wood that has fossilised over thousands of years merging the energies of the wood and quartz naturally.

Physically it’s good for the immune system, joints, bones, nervous system and lungs. Its great for aiding weight loss, assisting with disturbed sleep, chronic fatigue syndrome, genetic disorders and recuperating from serious illness.

Petrified Wood will calm your nerves and sooth your survival based fears.

Petrified Wood will provide clarity helping you discern what is important and what is not, so great for when you’re unsure how to cope with a certain situation, providing stability, and the ability to recognise positive solutions to problems.

It assists in advancing to your chosen highest level with motivated conviction, determination and awareness,

Good if you live in the city, as it brings the vibrations of nature into your home.


Country of origin: Oregon, USA

3 reviews for Petrified Wood (Fossil Wood) Crystal

  1. Jessica Stevens

    I have had a larger peice purchased from Vitalise, beautifull high quality peice with beautifull energy! This crystal came with its energy cleared, packaged and delivered beautifully!
    100% recommend!

  2. Kim Crowe

    This is a lovely crystal, such a stunning colour

  3. Cath

    I got this as a present and they loved it. A great crystal and was a lovely present.

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